The Revolution will be Spoken


Gartner estimates that roughly 25% of our computer interactions these days happen with our voice. ("Siri, can you confirm that statistic?") 4 out of its "5 Digital Technology Trends for 2020" -- from Multiexperience Across Devices to Interfaceless Machines to Agent Interfaces to Inclusive Design -- hinge their success on voice interaction.

So, are you ready to help implement the Spoken Revolution? In this talk, Scott Davis (Web Architect and Developer Advocate, ThoughtWorks) will give you a gentle introduction to the basics (Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text), complete with some simple standards-based examples that you can run in any modern browser. You'll also learn how command-driven interfaces work ("Alexa, play some Bob Marley") and how continuous speech recognition can bring live closed captioning to video conferencing.

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