User Journey Testing with Gauge and Taiko

Gauge is a test runner that makes it easy to express your tests in the language of your users. Taiko is a browser automation tool that makes it easy to drive your web browser with a friendly Domain-Specific Language (DSL). Together, they make writing User Journey Tests easier than you might have thought possible.

In this talk, Scott Davis (Web Architect and Principal Engineer, ThoughtWorks) gives you a hands-on tour of these two free and open source products created and maintained by ThoughtWorks.

If you are familiar with Selenium, WebDriver, or Cucumber, they are all projects that ThoughtWorkers founded and open-sourced over 15 years ago. Gauge and Taiko are next-generation, modern incarnations that are truly standing on the shoulders of giants. Come see how easy it is to write User Journey tests with a light, modern, fast, stable technology stack.

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